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Soil Care Network Newsletter

October 2017

by Anna Krzywoszyńska


  • Soil Health Institute’s 2 nd  Annual Meeting report is out, including their “Enriching Soil, Enhancing Life: An Action Plan for Soil Health” report which  ‘identifies gaps in research and  adoption relative to increasing available water holding capacity, developing tools for farmers to  achieve targeted levels of resilience, enhancing water infiltration, building disease suppressive  soils, increasing carbon sequestration, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions’

  • Better land use and management critical for achieving Agenda 2030, says a new report. “This landmark publication on the current and future state of the world’s land resources is the first in-depth analysis of the multiple functions of the land viewed from a wide range of interrelated sectors and thematic areas, such as the food-water-land nexus, as well as the ‘less obvious’ drivers of land use change, notably the nature of economic growth, consumer choice and global trade patterns.”





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