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Soil Care Network Newsletter
August 2022
by Michiel van de Pavert in collaboration with Anna Krzywoszynska, Thirze Hermans, and Emma Lietz Bilecky


Soils & Research

To be able to talk about ‘soil health’, this research suggests that we need to take a whole system approach. The framework proposed in the article includes four parameters. Here is the link to the full article

The Soil Health Institute (SHI) recommends measuring soil health through: (1) Soil organic carbon concentration, (2) Carbon mineralization potential, and (3) Aggregate stability

Researcher are looking to use soil bacteria to create aircraft fuel

Soils & Art

'Sounding Soil' — a research and art project— records at 20cm depth the sound of differently managed soils. Use headphones!

Epic images of microscopic soil life in the black forest in Germany

3D printing with soil. A group of designers is building aims at constructing buildings using local soil and roots (with a video)

Here’s a similar project from researchers at the University of Virginia

Victoria Yakusha —a Ukrainian designer, artist, and architect— has produced a furniture collection dubbed ‘Stepping on Ukrainian Soil’ that expresses the strong attachment every Ukrainian shares with their land

At the bottom of this website there is a great list of soil films

Soils & Self-organisation

Soil in New York City? This grassroots initiative is turning waste into rich compost. This read gives an insightful account of some of the struggles that have come up, related to getting institutional as well. Here is the sanitation commissioner talking about the same initiative

Eating home-grown tomatoes is fine, growing them might not be as safe: lead contamination in soil

The Soil Sisters for the win! Here’s an account of Women farmers in Wisconsin who help each other grow their own food, but also help other people reconnect with their food

Daughters of the Soil’ - This series of portraits celebrates women in agriculture

Soils & Politics

Please consult the EU with your soil expertise!

What does the Inflation Reduction Bill do for soil? This piece elaborates on how much money will be available and for what

Zinnias and Tobacco to the rescue! These plants have been identified by this research as particularly helpful in restoring copper-polluted soil. Click here for the scientific publication

Soils & Trouble

Valley fever — a fungus belonging to the soils of the southwest of the US — seems to be causing respiratory illness

Dried out soils in the UK are sinking and train rails have become too uneven to run at full speed

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