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Soil Care Network Newsletter
January 2023
by Nicola Wynn, Jamie Nix, Clement Boyer, Charlotte Chivers, Michiel van de Pavert, and Anna Krzywoszynska

Soils & Research


A more vital soil science future. This editorial provides an optimistic account of soil science recent developments and shows how soil awareness among policy makers and the general public give reasons to hope for improve soil care

Soil compaction raises nitrous oxide emissions in managed agroecosystems. A review

From climate-smart soils, to soil-smart agriculture. This paper outlines the need to move away global targets for SOC in agricultural soils and adapt management practices to each local context and soil to allow synergies for land sustainability

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have found that the rate of soil erosion in the midwestern U.S. is 10 to 1,000 times greater than pre-agricultural erosion rates

Scientists successfully transform plastic waste into a useful soil additive

Soils & Other News

The Soil Food Web Movement Webinar Series. The Soil Food Web School initiated by Dr. Elaine Ingham offers a 4-part webinar series to raise awareness on the Soil Food Web Approach (11/01 ; 18/01 ; 26/01 ; 31/01)

Dr Jack Hannam begins new role as president of the British Society of Soil Science 


This short blog entry offers a useful introduction to soil carbon credits

The 4/1000 initiative, whose objective is to transform food systems by increasing soil carbon, is holding its first North Europe meeting in Finland in June. Register here until the end of February - participation is free!

A new book at the meeting of soils and art, Displace, explores the process of entering into a dialogue with soil as a living entity. It offers an intimate insight into Elena Khurtova’s artistic research and process during her residency at 3bisF, on the site of Montperrin Psychiatric hospital in Aix-en-Provence, and delves into her personal connection with displaced soils. The book is being launched on January 21st at the Looiersgracht 60 centre in Amsterdam

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