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Soil Care Network Newsletter

July 2019

by Anna Krzywoszyńska



  • Making use of urban soils is an important element of food security, however in the UK many city soils carry the memory of industrialisation and contain high lead levels, leading to concerns about lead poisoning from produce. A new study at Newcastle University however argues that the current guidelines are overcautious as lead uptake in plants is not sufficient to cause concern

Soils in the news


  • Spain is on its way to becoming a desert as a result of climate change and unsustainable land use. The article makes an important point that while deserts are mature and biodiverse ecosystems, sudden desertification is a form of land degradation.


Policy and social movements

  • Soil’s potential to store carbon captures is increasingly becoming an object of investment. Now the aviation sector turns its attention to land, in collaboration with the FAO. The Recarbonization of Global Soils programme will “stablish  an  incentives  scheme  to  mobilize  voluntary  contributions,  especially  private  funding  from  voluntary  carbon  offsets  and  blended investments in climate change adaptation and mitigation.”

Editorials, blogs and opinion

  • A longer video by the BBC "Soil: The New Gold Rush” is shining a light on the changes of land use in agriculture. Scientific advancements are portrayed as leading the way, although part of the report also covers community-led land use changes in Ethiopia.

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