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For the love of soil


Soils are the life of our planet. They are the spaces where all life, human and otherwise, is continually made and sustained. Soils take care of us all. We must take care of them in return.

The Soil Care Network is a global community of scholars, researchers, growers, and civil society members from a wide range of backgrounds. We are all animated by the love of, fascination with, and dedication to soils.  We believe that soils are key to addressing current challenges to human and ecological flourishing. And we believe that improving the state of soils and ensuring an abundant future for all life requires action across academic disciplines.

The Soil Care Network is a place for soil scholars and those interested in soil research to find one another, and a space of supportive and creative exchange of ideas. The Network was founded by Dr Anna Krzywoszynska, and was officially launched during the 'Rediscovering Soils' workshop.

The Network is managed by an interdisciplinary team which includes Clement Boyer, Charlotte Chivers Jamie Nix, Nicola Wynn, and Michiel van de Pavert.

You can read more about the Soil Care Network in this chapter by Anna Krzywoszynska (2020), and in a recent presentation (2019) about the Soil Care Network (here).




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