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Soil Care Network Newsletter
January 2024
by Nicola Wynn, Jamie Nix, Clement Boyer, Charlotte Chivers, Michiel van de Pavert, and Anna Krzywoszynska

Academic Papers

In this beautiful essay, Ksenia thinks through migration, identity, life and death through an ‘autopedology’, a mixing of autoethnography and soil experience


Could we look at soils and rocks as kin? What would this demand of us, and how may such an approach change our understanding of what constitutes knowledge and experience? Read more here


Restoring soils and wider environments is an urgent issue; could we collaborate with soil dwelling organisms, such as ants, to achieve soil restoration


Cities have deep roots; this article explores how the uniqueness and diversity of city’s soil and rock layers can be better brought to the fore to strengthen their regional aesthetic and stress the connections between the urban overground and underground

Soil Art, Entertainment, and Outreach

Documentary film ‘Six Inches of Soil’ released January 2024. See the website for the trailer, screening dates in the UK, or to host a screening


Soil Events

Free webinar. Zoom into Soil: the role of the surface and subsurface in climate in a post-COP28 world: 17 January 2024 12:00 - 13:00 Online. Hosted by BSSS


Free in-person event. From Circular Economy to Soil Health.  31 Jan 2024 10:00 - 16:00, University of Leeds UK

Free workshop series. Glasgow Seed Library: Living Soil Lab. Begins 25 January 2024, Glasgow. Join a small study group to explore key aspects of soil ecology on a monthly basis, through focused research and practical activities

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