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Soil Care Network Newsletter

October 2018

by Anna Krzywoszyńska



Soils in the news

  • The first soil museum opens in India’s Thiruvananthapuram, showcasing soils from all around Kerala

Policy and social movemements


Editorials, blogs and opinion

Social science events

  • A member of the Soil Care Network Jenny Elaine Goldstein and colleagues have proposed a fantastic looking panel “Finance and environmental crises: Disaster capitalism beyond the Shock Doctrine” for the American Association of Geographers’ Annual Conference (April 2019, US). Twenty years following the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis and a decade after the 2008 subprime mortgage-led crisis, what have we learned about the ways in which financial failures-cum-opportunities such as currency devaluations or debt crises intersect with environmental crises and/or less spectacular ecological transformations? Contact Jenny for further info

  • Emma Cardwell (Univ. of Glasgow) and Claire Waterton (Lancaster University) have put together a fantastic one-day conference ‘Socialising Nitrogen’ on 27th November 2018. “Reactive nitrogen pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues in the world, and yet very little social science exists exploring the role of nitrogen in society and its effects for more-than-human communities. Where carbon has prompted a range of responses from the social sciences and humanities, nitrogen (and wider chemistry more generally) remains markedly understudied. With this conference we aim to bring together a range of scholars working on “socialising” nitrogen from across the arts, social sciences and humanities.” See here for more info;e78debd7.1810


  • The Royal Geographical Society Food Geographies Working Group has put together this fantastic collection of agroecology videos



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