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Soil Care Network Newsletter

February 2019

by Anna Krzywoszyńska


Policy and social movement


Soils in the news

  • Fukushima Prefecture is facing the challenge of managing contaminated soils – plans for their removal and storage are already sparking public opposition.

Editorials, blogs and opinion

  • A wonderful piece on reconnecting with soils as a pathway to eco-social belonging, especially from the perspective of slave and colonised populations “Connection with soil was the awakening of my sovereignty.”

  • This great blog entry takes inspiration from architecture, specifically ‘bush houses’, to think about the role humus can play in soils.



  • An amazing art project “By the Code of Soil” tries to bring soil into our lives. It is an online networked digital artwork by Fault Lines artist Kasia Molga and sound artist Scanner. Developed as part of the GROW Observatory, By the Code of Soil turns soil data into digital art that appears on participants’ computers whenever land-mapping satellite Sentinel-1 passes overhead.

  • Commemorating racial injustice through soil – a beautiful piece of participatory soil art.



  • Eurosoil2020 conference in August 2020 in Geneva seems to be putting forward an interdisciplinary approach to soils  

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