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Soil Care Network Newsletter
September 2023
by Nicola Wynn, Jamie Nix, Clement Boyer, Charlotte Chivers, Michiel van de Pavert, and Anna Krzywoszynska

Academic Papers

How can we use the soil profile to investigate not just the geo-bio-physical, but also the social, cultural, and economic ‘make up’ of soils? Katherine Lawless and colleagues explore this fascinating blog post

For those interested in soil and law and policy, this paper investigates the legal and policy context for using phytoremediation to address soil pollution in the EU


We also recommend this presentation by Dr de Bruyn on soil governance in Australia and the priorities for engagement with farmers


Recent doctoral student publishes work on Assessing Functional Biodiversity for the Future of Plants, Planet

Soil & Policy

The California Department of Food and Agriculture published a report on assessing soil biodiversity in agricultural soils

Soil Art, Entertainment, and Outreach

The regenerative agriculture initiative Kiss the Ground has a new series of short videos about regenerative farmers, check them out here Unveiling the Southwest's Regenerative Champion–Kiss the Ground Presents "Stories of Regeneration" Episode 2 Featuring Yadi Wang, a First-Generation Regenerative Farmer - Kiss the Ground

New video series, “Digging into Soil Health,” featuring soil health specialists Meri Mullins and Joy Youwakim. Latest episode digs into why soil biology is important in agricultural production


Third edition of Plant People, An Anthology of Environmental Artists publishes this month. You can view Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. This collection includes nonfiction, poetry, art, and other forms of mixed media. The full issues are available online for free


New Kiss The Ground documentary, Common Ground in theaters near you this September 2024

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