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Soil Care Network Newsletter
March 2022
by Thirze Hermans, in collaboration with Anna Krzywoszynska, Michiel van de Pavert, and Emma Lietz Bilecky


Soil Science

A team at Berkeley lab ​​designed a new method for detecting soil carbon without digging or taking soil samples, like an x-ray for the soil

Despite Earthworms’ positive reputation, this article in National Geographic suggests  "Earthworms are invasive—and likely hurting insects—in much of North America". The research article was published in Biology letters and can be found here

Increasing soil phosphorus to the recommended level for grass productivity reduces fertiliser derived N2O emissions in intensively managed temperate grasslands

Soil microbes may play an important part in the restoration of degraded soils, positively influencing moisture content and other physical features of soil

In this newly published study, all three crop comparisons show differences in micronutrient and phytochemical concentrations that suggest soil health is an under appreciated influence on nutrient density, particularly for phytochemicals not conventionally considered nutrients but nonetheless relevant to chronic disease prevention

Viruses have been prominent in the news, and scientists have now discovered new soil viruses

Cattle manure biochar could offset earthworm greenhouse gas emissions in forest soil

Soil & International Women's Day

Soil heroes: A celebration of women in soil science, and celebrating regenerative women on the land

In part 3 of the TED radio hour what lies beneath, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe: How can soil's superpowers help us fight climate change?

Soil Reports & Policy

Millions of tonnes of plastic waste could be prevented from contaminating the ocean, soil and air each year after 175 countries agreed today to develop the first legally binding treaty on plastic pollution

Save Soil Movement makes urgent pitch at UN about a silent ecological disaster. Sadhguru, a yoga guru, would ride 30,000 km across 27 countries in 100 days to raise awareness and build consensus for urgent policy action to address soil extinction

In case you have not noticed yet, a new IPCC report on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability has been published, suggesting that global warming will weaken soil health

Soil fun and space

NASA Is Cracking Open a 50-Year-Old Vacuum-Sealed Tube of Lunar Gas And Soil

Want to hear some more soil sound? Check this BBC article.

In this readers reply in the Guardian, readers discuss: “what happens to the soil under heavily concreted environments?”

A new piece in the Conversation discusses how  Adding fungi to soil may introduce invasive species, threatening ecosystems

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