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Soil Care Network Newsletter

January 2019

by Anna Krzywoszyńska


Policy and social movement


Soils in the news

  • Fertile soil is being smuggled out of Iran to “states of the Persian Gulf, particularly United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar (…) Iranian soil is used for building artificial islands in UAE, and drying up the sea in Qatar."

  • Pilots start in the UK on paying farmers for changing land use towards ‘delivery of public goods’ as part of new rural environment payments after Brexit. This article interestingly shows the changing logic of ‘making money out of land’, and its problems (e.g. what happens when the weather ‘does not cooperate’)

  • Another push towards replacing human labour in farming with robots – including soil sampling. A start-up company receives a prize for its soil-sampling robot.

  • A company in Australia receives a large government grant to develop soil measurement and visualisation tools for farmers

  • SoilCQuest in Australia is trialling carbon sequestration in soils with the help of a special fungus

  • The NY Urban Soil Survey is gathering press attention and shining a light on the role of soils in the urban environment

Editorials, blogs and opinion

Resources, boks

  • This mesmerising video shows the powerful effect of soil animals on organic matter decay.

  • Global Soil Proverbs: Cultural Language of the Soil The International Union of Soil Sciences has published this book on soil proverbs worldwide. The objective of the book is to compile such soil proverbs and, through them, share insights about philosophy, culture, and life in each country, as they relate to soils. The book features 32 chapters from 29 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.



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