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Soil Care Network Newsletter

February 2021

by Michiel van de Pavert, in collaboration with Emma Lietz Bilecky, Thirze Hermans, and Anna Krzywoszynska

Soil Research


  • What is soil health? Should we strive for a singular soil health index? Or should we accept soil health as a direction of travel rather than a measurable reality? This crucial debate rages on, with this insightful commentary highlighting some key issues of soil health, and arguing for a continued scientific efforts towards better soil health measurement - but always in the context of desirable land use.

  • The role of soils in the life of cities is finally getting its due recognition. This fantastic article proposes the concept of soil connectivity to recognise the mutually nurturing and beneficial soil–society relations, and describes how Mayan urban life embraced and practiced soil connectivity and created cities built on soil protection and regeneration.


Regenerative Agriculture

  • The BBC has a beautiful webpage about soil and regenerative agriculture.

  • The Regenerative Organic Alliance has given out its first certification to a dairy farm in the United States for meeting high standards regarding soil health, animal welfare, and worker fairness.

Soil Policy

Soil Art

Farmers' Experiences

​Other News


  • World Pulses Day: Five Interesting Facts about These Ancient, Sustainable and Nutritious Seeds of Life.




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